James De Villiers | Cloud Study

James De Villiers | Cloud Study

R 6,700.00

594 x 841cm | Oil on canvas

Born in Pietermaritzburg in 1954, James De Villiers’ multi-layered works range from abstraction to realism when he attempts to capture underlying energies and patterns of the natural world. De Villiers observes nature in all its diverse manifestations whether it be manipulated by humans or left in its own way. He then applies the same order and chaos of natural energy to his paintings by means of movement and art materials.

By observing the transformation in matter as well as the process of decay and rebirth in nature James De Villiers freely interprets these principles in painting and drawing by constructing and deconstructing grids into an organic flow of energy.

“My work is essentially a comment on the ecology of the planet; it is the recording and interpretation of the struggle between the imposition of rigid human designed grid structures in various forms over the wilderness and the seemingly chaotic patterns of nature.”

James De Villiers has participated in numerous exhibitions and group shows across South Africa since having studied at The Orange Free State Technikon as well as becoming a coordinator at the Fringe Art Space in the Johannesburg Biennale.